The Soft DAO Tokenomics

In this article we will look at the Tokenomics of The Soft DAO project. Since the team has already announced that a native project token will be released, this article is very relevant. “SoftDAO has recently voted to accept $SOFT as its governance token. More information on treasury holdings, token distribution and token utility will be released soon.”

The Soft DAO documents say that the project token will be evidence of the community participant’s contribution to the development of the project. Therefore, the distribution of project tokens will depend on the following components:

  1. The SoftDAO’s values
  2. The SoftDAO’s mission
  3. Effective, decentralized, and sustainable governance


SoftDAO Treasury (35%) — grants, partnerships, advisors, service providers, bounties, referrals

Operational Costs (10%:) — incentivizes for ongoing operations of the SoftDAO

Early Developer Bounties (10%:) — recognizes past contributions and position within SoftDAO community, incentivizes current as well as future development

Early Supporters (10%:) — recognizes past contributions, increases likelihood of knowledgeable stakeholders in governance, and incentivizes continued strategic support

Future Developer Bounties (8%:) — incentivizes and reserves governance rights for future developers.

Friends & Family Round (7%:) — recognizes past contributions, solidifies strong community of supporters, increases SoftDAO sustainability, and incentivizes ongoing support

Community Round (10%:) — decentralizes community through a broad token sale, ensures that many individuals within the community are participating in governance and recognized community members from genesis

Future Rounds (8%:) — ensures access to future capital, reserves tokens for future community members or over-subscribed initial rounds

SoftDrop (2%:) — further aligns Tokensoft and SoftDAO community and decentralizes the token

Thus, this article gathers the basic information about the tokenomics of The Soft DAO project. If you want to know more, follow the link.



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